Born Learning

Born Learning is a national public engagement campaign, developed by the Ad Council and made available by the United Way International, designed to help parents, caregivers and communities create early learning opportunities for young children. It focuses on awareness, education and action. TFC has brought Born Learning to the USVI.

  • Born Learning Kids Basics booklets were distributed to 60 pregnant teens by nurses at the 4 public high schools. They provide a wealth of information for new moms about caring for their baby including: schedules of well-child visits, feeding, sleeping habits, and connecting with one's baby.
  • 600 Born Learning Play Books, which give parents ideas of ways to interact and play with their children, were distributed through the WIC Program (a federally funded nutrition program for pregnant women and their children from birth to 5 years).
  • Born Learning Trails were installed at Magens Bay, Winston Raymo playground in Hospital Ground, Lindbergh Bay Park, Altona Lagoon and Al McBean recreational complex. They are designed to provide suggestions for activities that parents can do with their young child. Look for several new trails soon to be seen around the Territory.
  • Born Learning Workshops, which focus on how children learn and the importance of high quality early childhood experiences, have been presented to child care providers and parents throughout the territory at 10 centers and events.
  • For more information about the Born Learning program, call TFC at 777-0990 or visit