Grant Announcements:

CFVI is pleased to announce that over $11 million in grants has been disbursed throughout the community to support hurricane relief and recovery efforts, including grants awarded from the Fund for the Virgin Islands, HelpUSVINow!, Friends and Family Fund for USVI Renewal, and various grants awarded to the Foundation for distribution. At year-end, CFVI will release a comprehensive report detailing all of our hurricane-related efforts, including funds received, partnerships established, and grants disbursed.


The FUND FOR THE VIRGIN ISLANDS was established shortly after Hurricane Irma to provide monies for critical needs in the U.S. Virgin Islands, both to support short-term relief efforts and to enhance the well-being of future generations. Strategic planning for these efforts are coordinated with input from local government, national experts, and trusted local nonprofits.

USVI has been launched as the official USVI recovery webpage.To date, FFVI has awarded/approved nearly $7 million in grants.

More information about grants awarded from the FFVI will be posted soon.

HelpUSVINow! Fund

Thus far, a total of $2 million in grants has been awarded to entities serving the VI community in areas such as education, health care and social services. The HelpUSVINow! Fund was established by the Stephenson Family under the leadership of longtime St. Thomas resident, Richard J. Stephenson. The Stephenson family pledged $5 million in relief funds to assist with the islands' recovery.

CFVI Friends and Family Fund for USVI Renewal

More than $146,623 in grants has been awarded thus far to support initiatives dedicated to providing immediate relief to children, youth and families in the territory.

To learn more about grants made from the Friends and Family for USVI Renewal fund, click on the links below.